Sunday, December 16, 2012

FOOD DAIRY 10 [22 Nov.]

breakfast = fried egg
lunch = soup and salad
dinner = pizza

FOOD DAIRY 9 [21 Nov.]

breakfast i eat nothing
lunch bread with soup
dinner i eat fried egg

FOOD DAIRY 8 [20 Nov.]

breakfast is congee 
lunch is soup
dinner is pork curry

FOOD DAIRY 7 [19 Nov.]

breakfast = nothing
lunch = popcorn and bread
dinner = nothing

FOOD DAIRY 6 [18 Nov.]

today i eat nothing except coke for breakfast
pasta and salad for lunch
and for dinner is padthai

FOOD DAIRY 5 [17 Nov.]

my breakfast is rice with chicken
my lunch is rice with curry chicken
my dinner is sushi

FOOD DAIRY 4 [16 Nov.]

my breakfast is congee
my lunch is salad with some bread
my dinner is mama
W. 49